About Us

BridesBestfriend is set to guide and help clients from looking for a wedding concept, finding the perfect suppliers, and managing their budget for the event. We intend to involve our clients and customize the wedding according to their distinct personalities and needs.

We believe that a perfect wedding is all about the couple and the relationship with each other. It’s when the guests arrive at the venue and they can say, “This is unmistakably SO and SO’s wedding and I’m glad to be here.” Either it’s a big or small celebration, the important aspect is to enjoy the moment. Weddings are all about enjoying and savouring the event, whether it’s grand or simple.

Big weddings can be perfect just like intimate ones. And Intimate weddings can also be as festive as big weddings. There’s nothing wrong with splurging nor having a tight budget. What’s important is not to have to pay any debts at the end of the day.

Get a wedding planner who will not find it difficult to work within your means, someone who can think the way you do; a coordinator who has worked with the best and reliable suppliers. That's us, your BBF. We will help you create only the most beautiful memories of this wonderful event of your lives.

Traditionally Modern

In this modern world, we see the advancement in all aspects of life –in terms of lifestyle and events. Hence, Mr. Google has never failed us to assist in our search for the newest trends. However, for Junrey and Lea, despite being part of the tech world, their wedding is truly one for the books as it reflected the appreciation… Read more →

“IT” couple

A meaningful event took place in the life of Ed and April. It was a day filled with joyful tears, laughter and full of beauties. The magic brush of Joseph Agbay turned April into an enchanting stunner. She was so beautiful on her simple but so elegant wedding dress from the creative hands of Edwin Alba.  The groom Ed, on his… Read more →

One Emotional Beautiful Day

People should understand that wedding doesn’t have rules to follow or a set of format to make it memorable. Couple must just remember to make it their own. That what makes a wedding beautiful. Mark and Charlot are already married (civil) and have family. They are based in UK and had promised to return home to tie the knot formally… Read more →

Simplicity and Timelessness

We’ve been hearing “here comes the bride”, “you may now kiss your bride” lots of time and no matter how many weddings BBF organizes, it never ever gets old and it always feels like the first time. Every wedding is a little girl’s dream come true—Allahdelle’s dream come true. She dreamt of a glamorous gowns, gorgeous shoes, and most of all…dreamt… Read more →