Little biker boy

The best part of seriously documenting ones milestone is you get to look back at it a few years from now and see how you are being loved with everybody and how much effort your loved ones put in to celebrate such with a bang.

For Baby CJ, he has something to smile about in few years how his loved ones welcome him to Christianity. Joseph Bacalso captured that special event of his life and all the details in between. To CJ, may you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Date: November 28, 2015
Destination: Cebu City
Ceremony: Sacred Heart Church
Reception: Simply J’s
Photography: Joseph Bacalso
Cake, Dessert Buffet, and Cake Jars: Karen Ramirez
Reception Musician (Violinist): Lotlot Abellanosa
Pre-Christening Stylist and Invitation: First of April