Priya@18: Beauty, Brain, and Heart

It is said that debut is our tradition as a coming-of-age celebration. We celebrate this when a young woman turns 18, as this is we consider the age of maturity. In the past, we often heard from our grandparents that it is intended to introduce a young woman in the society as a marriage prospect. But I don’t think that still applies in today’s modern age. After all 18 is too early to get married. 

Some are becoming more practical on how to celebrate this milestone, such as going to Justin Bieber’s concert, big purchase on something, or travel. But this beauty and brain, with a heart, Filipina-Indian Priya Basi, opted the traditional way of coming out. Together with her Mom Lea, we were able to create a celebration that compromised both the Filipino and Indian culture, knowing her Dad is such a conservative person. To site an example, none of the male guests except family and relatives, were allowed to touch Priya during 18 Roses dance. Of course, we in BBF always find ways. So we let them danced hiphop together after giving the Rose. Cool isn’t it? :)  Nevertheless, despite restrictions because of culture, it still came out a very fun celebration and so memorable.

Pictures below are moments captured by Macky Carcedo, video by Benjie Sorreno and see that indeed being conservative is never boring at all :)

SAME DAY EDIT – PRIYA@18 from Benjie Sorreno Films on Vimeo.

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Date: October 31, 2015
Destination: Cebu City
Venue: Marco Polo Plaza Hotel
Gown: Leonardo Igloria
Hair and Make-up: Lyncy Glodove
Photography and Photobooth: Macky Carcedo
Videography: Benjie Sorreno
Flowers and Styling: First of April
Cake: Marissa Unchuan
Sounds and Lights:  SDB Electronic Solutions
Reception Host: Bong Roxas