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  • Big Intimate Wedding

    The wedding of Carlo and Karen was all about celebrating love, friends and family reunion. It was a big wedding (around 200 guests) but I tagged it an intimate one. All along I thought intimate means less guests (like 50 or less) but this wedding proved otherwise because the guest list made the wedding so… Continue reading Big Intimate Wedding

  • Tattoed On Our Mind

    Jong and Jonjie’s wedding proved that one can’t buy style. If you have it, you really have it. No question asked. No arguments. Think about beauty, elegance, effortless and fun. Everything about this wedding was tastefully done. It’s been a week and we can’t still get over how awesome this wedding was. Thus the blog… Continue reading Tattoed On Our Mind

  • The Adventures of Shimi and Deity

    The WOW-est part of this wedding was when Shimi and Deity decided to see each other before the ceremony. Indeed wedding practices now are certainly evolving. I know not many would fall to this practice, but that brave non-conforming first look was for sure worth it.   Look at that beautifully captured moment by Christian Toledo… Continue reading The Adventures of Shimi and Deity

  • Doctors Tied The Knot

    Wedding is a very special event celebrating love, togetherness, and people who matter to the couple. For Johann and Diose, the classy intimate feel of Circa 1900 and the guest list made their wedding so personal. I thought these two were very serious knowing both are doctors, but I was so surprised when they told… Continue reading Doctors Tied The Knot

  • #JoAnthony Big Day

    Anthony and Joanna’s wedding was one full of tears, laughters, love and a living proof to how much happiness one experiences in finding one true love. Everyone was glowing with excitement and happiness all throughout the celebration. The entire celebration, from the preparation, to the ceremony and finally to the reception was a mirror of… Continue reading #JoAnthony Big Day

  • My starmart friend’s wedding

    Organizing event is my passion, a source of my joy, my way of life. But it is a double joy when you organize a special event of a very good friend most especially coming from my “starmart buddies”. Whatever is the story on that starmart thing, I won’t be sharing here haha! But those “starmart… Continue reading My starmart friend’s wedding

  • Enchanting Evening of Cax and Izel

    With all the hype on thematic wedding, many feel that simple just won’t do justice to this very special event. But wrong—simple does wonder to the highest level too. You just need to hire the right people who can take simplest to the wow-est. After all, as they say, less is more. Cax and Izel… Continue reading Enchanting Evening of Cax and Izel

  • #tweetypiggy Big Day

    I am such a fan of beach weddings. There’s just something about the sands, the shells and everything about the sea that makes the affair dreamlike for me. I knew from the very start the wedding theme of Christian and Jackie would point to that direction upon knowing both of them are beach bums. The challenge? We… Continue reading #tweetypiggy Big Day

  • Kapatid’s Wedding

    It’s a double joy to see a beautiful wedding of a friend. Last year Pamela and I were chatting/planning about her wedding and I got very emotional because I’ve known her for more than two decades already (we’re high school barkada and with Christine Roble we called ourselves “kapatids”) and to be involved on her… Continue reading Kapatid’s Wedding

  • I do Part 2

    Most of the time, the best weddings are the ones with the simplest concepts — natural, effortless and real. That’s what the wedding of Dodong and Maan was like.  It was very simple yet spoke of the love and romance they share with each other. With all the hype on themed wedding, Dodong and Maan… Continue reading I do Part 2

  • Finally Found Someone

    The guests actually made the wedding of Robby and Namae both beautiful and meaningful. You barely see details of styling in the wedding because they were not particular of that. Stick-to-the-budget type of an event but proved that such will never ever affect the beauty of the celebration—fun, homey, and full of personal touches. The search is over,… Continue reading Finally Found Someone

  • Jack and Lleina’s Little Bundle of Joy

    Jesus loves the little children and Christening is an important event in the believer’s walk with Him. Alex Mikaella has something to be thankful about years from now that her parents Daddy Jack and Mommy Lleina made this occasion a very beautiful one — her first official party in life. She was surrounded by special close… Continue reading Jack and Lleina’s Little Bundle of Joy

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