Modern Fairytale

Like a Prince Charming that came out of a fairy tale book, Lyle, in his gallant suit, not only swept off his princess, Kim’s feet, but as well as all their family and friends when both exchanged “I do’s” in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cebu City last June 28, 2014.

Lyle The Groom. Photo by The Saturday Project.
Kim The Bride. Photo by The Saturday Project.

All dashing and dolled up in their “fairy tale” theme wedding, family and friends all the way from Manila, Leyte and Bacolod attended Lyle and Kim’s special day which was not only a dream come true for the couple, but was a heartwarming occassion as their families’ love for both of them brought a tear or two to the bride and the guests, through inspiring messages to the newlyweds during the lunch reception at the Santorini Ballroom of Hotel Elizabeth.

Ceremony at The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Photo by The Saturday Project.

After all, as Walt Disney once said, ” In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make-believer are reborn and fairy tales come true.” And for Lyle and Kim, it indeed was a fairy tale that came true.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle & Kim Villena. Photo by The Saturday Project.

Date: June 28, 2014
Destination: Cebu City 
Ceremony: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Reception: The Hotel Elizabeth Santorini Ballroom
Bridal Gown: Adonis Almento
Make-up Artist: Jonas Borces 
Photography: The Saturday Project
Videography: Gallerygate
Flowers: Arnel Dejos
Lights: Alberca Sounds and Lights
Cake: Ms. Ana
Giveaways: Katrine Limbaga
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