I do Part 2

Most of the time, the best weddings are the ones with the simplest concepts — natural, effortless and real. That’s what the wedding of Dodong and Maan was like.  It was very simple yet spoke of the love and romance they share with each other. With all the hype on themed wedding, Dodong and Maan opted to have something that… Read more →

Finally Found Someone

The guests actually made the wedding of Robby and Namae both beautiful and meaningful. You barely see details of styling in the wedding because they were not particular of that. Stick-to-the-budget type of an event but proved that such will never ever affect the beauty of the celebration—fun, homey, and full of personal touches. The search is over, Finally found someone—these 2 songs… Read more →

Sweetness Overload

Titus and Cecille’s wedding was beautifully traditional—overflowing with sweetness, drama and love. The beautiful flowers and calligraphy by First of April were additional flavors to fall in love with. Cecille did not really dream of anything in details for her big day but everything turned out to be wonderful. Her wedding suppliers from Manila and Cebu, and especially her husband Titus, had given… Read more →

Geeks Got Hitched

It is very rare to see weddings that show so much creativity since most couples are purely traditional and opt for simple but elegant peg we are used to. However, Marco and Lorena were daring enough and very experimental to get out from the norms. When we planned the wedding, the couple were very certain to something that would reflect their… Read more →

Lost in Love

Ordinarily, couples or at least one of them would have everything planned out in their “dream wedding” but these two could perfectly fit into the word “lost” when it came to theirs. Jack and Lleina could be said to be part of two different worlds. One was into hard core rock music, while the other preferred something mellow or depending… Read more →

Modern Fairytale

Like a Prince Charming that came out of a fairy tale book, Lyle, in his gallant suit, not only swept off his princess, Kim’s feet, but as well as all their family and friends when both exchanged “I do’s” in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cebu City last June 28, 2014. All dashing and dolled up in their “fairy tale” theme wedding,… Read more →

Mako Oishi @ 18

You might think that this celebration is in Hawaii. Of course not! Haha! Go over with this Hawaiian-themed birthday celebration set in Cordova Cebu of Japanese-Filipino debutant Mako Oishi.  Amazing event stylist Airene Cabatania of Style by Squash pulled the theme off. Photographer Kit Bajar captured it all. I personally love this event, one of my favorites actually. Mahalo Oishi… Read more →

Mr. & Mrs. Captain

Welcome Aboard Love! A love that has transcended time, continents and oceans is what perfectly describes the love of Darek and Praissie. It was a match made possible through their profession and passion — seafaring.  After being together for more than two years, the date was set for the couple to finally seal their love for each other, witnessed by… Read more →